Fratoria is a Dutch company providing unique integrated imaging solutions for radiation oncology. In an endeavor to do our daily business, safety is always in focus. We want to ensure a safe way of working and a safe treatment for the patients.

Built around DICOM and DICOM RT standards, the software allows hospitals to implement vendorindependent solutions for plan review and contouring, as well as patient setup using digital image analysis. In close collaboration with renowned institutes, scientists and researchers from the academic world we develop and deliver high quality, innovative products that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements.

We target software end-users at oncology centers, as well as independent vendors who would like to enrich their applications with powerful medical imaging capabilities.

Fratoria always delivers high quality products and services on schedule and on budget while maintaining compliance with applicable regulatory and industry standards. Focusing on cutting-edge technology to provide safety, efficiency and comfort.


  • The company is certified to ISO 13485.
  • DICOM RT Studio is labeled as CE class IIb product.