Fratoria DICOM RT Studio is designed as an universal Treatment Planning System (TPS) independent solution for viewing and evaluation of radiotherapy plans, together with all relevant DICOM-3 and DICOM RT data. In particular, in combination with a PACS system, it provides an ideal solution for hospitals to meet requirements for long term storage, as everything can be stored and viewed in DICOM RT format, independent of the TPS in your department. It can assist you also in patient reviews by providing a quick access and uniform viewing of imaging and radiotherapy planning data. You will be able to view plans from virtually any TPS - a very helpful tool if you participate in studies with other oncology centers. With the DICOM RT Studio it´s possible to optimize your workfl ow and to bring in more freedom and independence in your everyday work. 

DICOM RT Studio at a glance

  • A software toolbox for advanced radiotherapy viewing, analysis and contouring
  • A Treatment Planning System independent solution
  • Fully DICOM RT based - future proof for long term storage and retrieval
  • Fast an easy access on every computer
  • Inutitive usage