RT Contouring

Contouring module is a plug-in for DICOM RT Studio that provides a set of tools for rapid contouring. It can be installed separately on every workstation where contouring functionality is needed, adding just a contouring toolbar and keeping the user interface clean and simple.

The ROI´s created elsewhere can be read, adjusted and saved, or completely new ROI’s can be created on an image set. ROI input and output is done via the RT Struct object of the DICOM RT standard. No proprietary formats are used for storage.

RT Contouring at a glance

  • 2D contoring based on grey values and edge detection
  • Contour interpolation and extrpolation
  • ROI expansion with (non-)uniform margins and limiting ROI's
  • Automatic body contouring with table detection
  • Semi-automatic segmentation
  • Scale and move contours
  • Free form line
  • Circle drawing tool
  • Draw along the edges of grey values
  • Subdivide contour
  • Point by point editing
  • Multistep undo/redo