RT Viewer

As a part of the DICOM RT Studio and with the full support of the DICOM RT standard the RT Viewer provides comprehensive tools for interactive visualization in 2D/3D/4D, rigid and deformable image registration and plan comparison. The data can be loaded either from a PACS server or folders on a hard disc. The layout of the application is fully customizable with any number of views in a grid. For an independent workflow.

RT Viewer at a glance

  • 2D Lines/colourwash and 3d mesh in volume view
  • User-definable visible dose view
  • Absolute/Normalized dose
  • Dose summation/difference of multiple plans on the same or different CT's
  • Dose warp using deformable image registration
ROI's / POI's
  • Viewing in 2D, 3D and on DRRs
  • Structures in axial/coronal/sagittal views
  • Load stored DVH from DICOM or calculate DVH
  • DVH comparison
  • Statistics
  • Table view/export
  • 2D and 3D view
  • Wedges/Blocks
  • Beam intensity diagram - MU's per control point and avoidance region
  • Visualization per control unit
RT Images
  • Viewing of stored RT Images
  • DRR generator with ROI's/POI's and field projection and adjustable soft tissue/bone
  • Volume rendering of CT/MR/PET-CT
  • Skin view - field projection on the skin
  • Volume cropping
  • Overlay view for image registration
  • Deformable Vector Field (DVF)
  • Distance measuring tool
  • Position tracking with cross hair