Our Software Maintenance Program includes regular software updates and upgrades to the products you have purchased. All new versions and documentation are available on our secured download web page.

For customers having specific technical problems with installation or running the software, we can provide remote diagnostic and repair service by accessing your system remotely for quick troubleshooting.

In addition, we can provide special support services in case problems occur with loading particular datasets. You can upload your data to our server, we will investigate the problem and try to either fix the dataset, for example, if some DICOM (RT) data have been saved incorrectly, or provide a update for the application to make it work with your data.

We also deliver on-site training services, creating literate and savvy in-house users.

Customers have the ability to submit suggestions for product enhancements that will be considered with a high priority for new releases.

All support related questions can be directed by e-mail to